Groups & Incentives

Groups & Incentives

Who travels in groups today? The answer is everyone!


There are multiple reasons for group travel:

– Travel with like minded people
– Tremendous discounts and cost savings
– Known upfront costs
– Convenience & value
– Time for fellowship & bonding
– Raise funds, recruit new members & raise awareness of your organization’s cause


Today many groups and organizations are looking for a new way to fundraise and we have the answer!


Finding the best fundraising consultants or right product for your organization can sometimes be a bit overwhelming!


Travel is the ultimate fundraiser! Our innovative programs are just what you have been looking for. We will show you how easy it is to sponsor a group and the benefits of doing so.


We call these benefits the new 3R’s: recruiting, retention and revenue. Our group experts will explain how your group travel program can increase your membership, help retain existing members and mostly importantly grow revenue.


Forget the candy or bake sales and pancake breakfasts. Adopt a group travel package today.


With Call Travel the frustrations of organizing and managing a group travel project are eliminated. We will handle all of the nitty gritty details on the travel end and let your organization promote your to family, friends and colleagues in your local community.


Our clientele consists of schools, churches and other non- profit or for-profit organizations.


We understand your needs and motivations and we want to help! We are asking to partner with you because we believe in you and your cause. Together, we can make a huge impact.


Our experienced group travel consultants want to personally answer your questions and ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply click or call us at 1.740.550.9540.

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